On my experience of being Eurasian

"As we transcend into a time where a larger chunk of our population is mixed-race/dual-heritage or simply a concoction of many cultures, it becomes ever more important for us hybrids to establish our own identity."

For International Womens Day 2019

"Cultural acceptance of gender equality is improving, but things need to happen top-down if we're to see a real difference. The people with power must recognise how much society will flourish when they invest in people regardless of gender, ethnicity, background"


BA International Development

"My experience amongst the Karen hill tribes made me realise that I’d love to explore how places can be developed by indigenous communities themselves rather than trying to replicate Western models of development. For them, the most important thing is family and community."

Conversation with Aminata Kamara

On BBC Radio Leicester about mixed-race identity

"The term that sits most comfortably with me would be mixed. I don't have the British culture completely entrained in me because I was raised by my Taiwanese mother. On her side, I don't know mandarin nor do I look Taiwanese, so I do have to assert that part of my identity when I want it to be known."

Meeting with the legendary Aminata @amin

Interview with Social Mobility Commission

"Home was a council estate, rife with poverty and crime. I saw many of my peers disenchanted by their dead-end circumstances but for some reason, I was driven to see the other side.

I hope to support other young people in my community to see the light in their future without having to go through what I did."